Stitched Shorts: the devil is in the detail

stitched shorts navy khaki mens shorts

Stitched was founded with the aim of adding more flare to men’s shorts, which had been lagging behind in the style stakes when compared to other summer clothing like coloured swim shorts and patterned linen shirts.

Here we take a look at what sets Stitched apart from other shorts brands in the market.

Stitched detail The Harrys navy shorts

Design details

To achieve our goal of breathing life into men’s shorts we needed to add a point of difference and focused on two primary areas for this.

The first was the contrast bar tacks and stitching, which burst with colour out of the base fabric. We’ve chosen eye-catching neons and pinks to make the contrast stitching stand out and become key features of the shorts. This stitching is visible not just on the bar tacks next to the front and back pockets, but also the buttons, button holes and throughout the stitching on the inside of the shorts.


The most significant design detail of the shorts is the bright fabrics that are stitched to the inside hem of the shorts. This fabric matches the colour of the contrast stitching and gives Stitched shorts their primary point of difference. This feature means Stitched shorts can be worn two ways to give two very different styles: have the turn ups down for a classic look, or flicked up to show off a burst of colourful character that will liven up any summer party.

 Stitched short sky blue mens shorts

Confetti embroidery

When the idea for Stitched was first considered in 2014, we thought embroidered fabric was the design feature that would give Stitched shorts their USP. In the intervening years embroidered shorts have become mainstream, however we still felt they could pack more of a punch than the preppy designs men have had to choose from until now.

That is how the embroidered Confetti shorts came about; by merging the idea for embroidered shorts with the neon colours chosen for the Flick shorts. With these bright colours and a ‘good times of summer’ brief, confetti was the perfect pattern to use for the embroidered shorts and provide a design that is both eye-catching and enjoyable, while giving a nod to summertime's best celebrations: weddings, concerts and carnivals.

stitched shorts confetti embroidered navy shorts

Tailored fit

Stitched shorts are cut to a fitted, classic template, which offers a comfortable and relaxed feel while retaining the structure and cut of a premium tailored product. 

All sizes are graded to ensure the same tailored fit whether you’re wearing a size 30” or 38” and everything in between

 In fact one of our first customers who is also a top UK fashion buyer told us the fit of Stitched shorts was the “best he’d ever had!

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